The Good Roll Pillow

The Good Roll Pillow

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The World's First Adjustable Firmness, Posture Correcting, Hypoallergenic Chiropractic Pillow!

chiropractic pillow created by a Chiropractor Dr. KenGee!

Filled with naturally hypoallergenic Organic buckwheat hulls for a completely mold able support.  

The adjustable magnetic snaps accommodates for necks of all sizes. 

  • Snap both sides for Firm support (ideal for longer necks)
  • Snap one side for Medium support
  • No snaps for Soft support (ideal for shorter necks and kids) 

Start with 20-30 minutes on your back then you can go to a comfortable position. This will do two things...

  1. Help to train the curve back into your neck.
  2. Help to retrain your brain to know where the comfortable and best position is-which is on your back. (Many of us suffer from shoulder problems because of side sleeping)

/ Our Organic Buckwheat Hulls go through a 5 step chemical-free cleaning process to ensure no pests or bugs.

Step 1: They go through a scalping screen to remove debris

Step 2: They go through a smaller screen

Step 3: They are put onto a gravity table that shakes and sends air through them

Step 4: They are put into a vertical vibrator tray

Step 5: They are then roasted.

"Are you on a Roll with The Good Roll!?"