What if I can't sleep on my back?

  • With The Good Roll you will start off on your back for 20-30 minutes and then you can switch to your comfortable position. Doing this will help retrain your brain to know where the most comfortable position is, which is on your back. The Good Roll will also help restore your posture while you sleep.

Can I use my pillow for side sleeping?

Can I use the pillow even if I'm not getting chiropractic treatment?

  • Yes, The Good Roll Pillow is the world's first ever chiropractic pillow designed and created by a Chiropractor-Dr. KenGee Ehrlich! We use The Good Roll for our patients first visit where we teach them how to sleep properly but can be used by anyone! 

I'm allergic to certain materials, is this pillow hypoallergenic?

  • The Good Roll Pillow is non toxic, hypoallergenic with a raw cotton cover. The filling is Organic Buckwheat Hulls that go through a 5 part process to ensure cleanliness and pest free. The Good Roll won't have you waking up with a stuffy nose because it doesn't have any isocyanates or any chemicals that can cause respiratory problems. 

Can I use the pillow for anything else besides sleeping?

  • Yes! You can use The Good Roll as a lumbar support for your car, and your desk. It can even be used for New Mothers for when they're breastfeeding. 

Should I put the pillow behind my head?

  • The Good Roll is designed to be used under your neck as a support. The Good Roll should not be used behind your head because that will cause your head to go forward which will start to have you lose your posture. It only takes 6 minutes for your neck to start molding into the position you put it in. 

Why does my pillow feel too firm?

  • The Good Roll is fully adjustable and can be adjusted with three settings. If your pillow is too firm-you can unsnap one side. If unsnapping both sides is still too firm you can go ahead and take some of the buckwheat filling out-starting with 1 cup at a time until it is comfortable for you.

How do I wash my pillow?

  • You can remove the outside cover and wash it in cold water and air dry only. Make sure to snap both sides before washing so the pillow doesn't get stuck to the inside of the washer or dryer. The inner cover can be washed as well every couple of months, just empty out the buckwheat into a separate container. 

How do I use my pillow?

If I have neck pain, can I still use it?

  • Yes, we recommend you start with 20-30 minutes on The Good Roll.