The Good Roll-4 pack

The Good Roll-4 pack

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The Good Roll Pillow Family 4 pack

  • Includes 4 Natural Buckwheat Good Rolls

The worlds first non-toxic, foam-free posture protecting chiropractic pillow! Filled with naturally hypoallergenic buckwheat hulls for a completely mold able support.  

Our Buckwheat Hulls go through a 5 step chemical-free cleaning process to ensure no pests or bugs.

Step 1: They go through a scalping screen to remove debris

Step 2: They go through a smaller screen

Step 3: They are put onto a gravity table that shakes and sends air through them

Step 4: They are put into a vertical vibrator tray

Step 5: They are then roasted.

The adjustable magnetic snaps accommodates for necks of all sizes. 

  • Snap both sides for Firm support (ideal for longer necks)
  • Snap one side for Medium support
  • No snaps for Soft support (ideal for shorter necks) 

"Are you on a Roll with The Good Roll!?"